With a core market of active, lifestyle-motivated and tech-savvy 18-35’s RAW has a strong and loyal listener base which includes uni students, tradespeople and young professionals who socialise frequently and have a good disposable income. Our audience is passionate about music and fashion, engaged with technology and constantly looking for the next-big-thing. You won’t find statistics about RAW in any formal commercial radio survey results. As RAW FM is a narrowcast radio station it does not participate in commercial radio surveys. However, the evidence of Raw’s audience reach and effectiveness is plain to see…  thousands of satisfied and repeat clients over 10 years …  A Top 20 SmartPhone App that regularly achieves higher downloads than some of the biggest stations in the country along with a very active Facebook fan base of 99K followers.

Street level research and event surveys regularly show significant numbers of the 18-30 demographic in our broadcast areas rate RAW FM as their favourite radio station.

Where Is RAW?

RAW FM has a broadcast area that covers over a million people, and over the last 10 years has grown to become one of the leading dance brands in the nation. Our terrestrial transmission footprint reaches from Albury to Yamba, and from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to the ACT, Snow Areas and Nowra. Additionally, RAW can be heard globally via our high definition web streams, and reaches a growing audience via our SmartPhone app and mobile platforms.


Why Advertise On RAW?

RAW FM has relied on street and word-of-mouth promotion to establish itself in new broadcast areas, so we’re highly familiar with building effective grass-roots street-level marketing campaigns.

With our targeted ‘niche’ format and strong connections with local sponsors, RAW engenders a strong feeling of ownership and community amongst its audience. This makes content creation and advertising on the station extremely effective.

We work closely with a select client base, tailoring integrated campaigns that bring together on-air, on-line and mobile advertising, experiential and event marketing and targeted strategic promotions.

RAW FM’s advertising window provides highly targeted marketing results. When you advertise with RAW, you know your campaign will reach an engaged 18-30s market in the geographic areas you choose, or right across the entire network.

Plus, our rates are significantly lower than commercial radio stations so your advertising dollar goes further on RAW. And you won’t be paying to reach demographics you’re not interested in. You know your message will reach the market you’re targeting, and because our format is 100% music based and features a smaller number of advertisers than commercial radio your message will cut through more effectively.


Your ads will really stand out on RAW!!


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Some of the businesses who’ve discovered just how effective advertising on Raw FM include:

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